The View From Down Here
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2010-02-28 23:16:06 (UTC)

2/28/10 - They're all moving on.

Well after being forced to move in with my dad after our
house got robbed, it seems that all my "friends" are doing
just fine without me. No calls, no texts, and all their
myspaces look real happy. Aye, they're doing just fine.
Can't say I blame em. I carried drama with me where ever I
went, and we barely ever saw eachother as it was. But
still, it hurts when you think you'd have these people
with you all your life and they drift away in a matter of
It's kind of funny how the people you cared about the
most turn out to be the ones that matter the least.
My mom is moving alon just fine, too. She got a
promotion and a raise. She's started a new, healthy diet.
I'd say she's pretty happy. I guess I just took all my bad
luck with me when I left. Don't know why it seems I'm the
cause of all their problems, but ever since I moved in
with my dad they've been real tight on money. Better yet,
his friend is getting a divorce.
The woman he was married to is pretty screwed up in the
head. Oh, aye, she's green yet. She got a restraining der
on my dad's friend, and she has this crazed idea that my
dad is with the Arian Brotherhood. Just cause he wears dew
rags doesn't mean he's in a gang. He's 43 and a
construction worker for christ's sake. My dad and his
friend built the house that this crazy lady wants to keep.
It's really upsetting everyone. Especially my dad
considering he had a couple guns at that house. Now,
supposedly, this woman has sold his guns, so she's about
to be arrested for theft.
Life is so crazy, and I think that's what drives people
mad. I don't understand half the things around me, but I;m
smart enough to know they just ain't right. Aye, we're all
a bit crazy inside. I don't think we could survive this
world without it.
I don't know what to do about my so-called friends.
Guess I'll just have to let them be. I'll be going back to
my old school next year, but I don't think I'll talk to
them again. If they're willing to let a 10 minute distance
come between us, then they're not worth having. No matter
how many secrets or memories we might have shared.
I can happily say one person couldn't go on without me.
The distance made his feelings stronger. Turns out he
loves me, and we started dating just days after I gave him
the news. Now, he's my fiance. Haven't told my parents
yet. They'll probably say that I need to get out there
more before I settle dowm, but it's my life and I'll do
with it what I will.
It bothers me how much parents focus on age. They don't
look at how smart, mature, or emotionally grown up you
are. All that matters is you're physical age. My age
doesn't change who I love. My age doesn't change where I
want to live or go to college. And my age bloody well
doesn't change the fact that I can stand on my own to feet.
I consider it best for everyone if they didn't have to
worry about me anymore. They can barely take care of
themselves, so why not take some of the pressure off their
shoulders? They just don't see it that way. Guess it's
just because they're parents. Oh, aye, love can blind a
person; make them all but bloody insane.
It's not something easily lost or ammended, but we all
have to learn. I'll have to do the same thing, and I'll
probably end up doing the same thing they do. Only, I
believe I'll have made a better living.
A construction worker and a gas and oil tax worker make
an aspiring interior designer. Aye, it makes alot of
sense. But that's life for you. Sense just doesn't exist.
Not that I'm complaining. I would hate for everything to
be clear-cut and easy to see. Then there'd be no
challenges and more misery.
I could go on and on. My head is a never-ending wheel of
thoughts. I could probably sit here and type for hours.
Aye, I'd wager I could, but I have other matters to attend
to. Moving between houses and all that as split families
do. I'm not to good at consistant writing, but I'll try to
remember. That's all for now.