Letters to Nancy
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2010-02-28 18:39:38 (UTC)

Love Happens - 2- 28- 10

Its been two months today est Randy and I started to date.
Those were amazing months, and Im sure the best is still
yet to come. Friday night i stayed with Shai. Saturday was
mostly spent walking around town with her "shoping". when
I got home, i called Randy right away. He asked me to go
to Kearney with him. I loved being with him. When Im with
him Im myself. I was never myself around Jon or Nick,
never around Shai, and hardly ever around Beka. Unlike
all them, I dont feel like I have to hide anything from
RAndy. And I dout he hides anything from me. We walked
around Walmart for a while, not really shoping for
anything. Sometimes we would kiss in an row where no one
was at. Latter we "went on a walk out side" and sit in his
car to kiss. I wonder if he felt the so called "spark" I
felt like I belonged in his arms, forever. I could see us
having a famly and what not. We kissed and made out and
rubbed on etherother until we finally had to go in. We
cuddled the in whole way home, and started to miss even
before we were apart. he walked me to the door and i put
my arms around his neck and kissed him goodnight. then
walked inside. It took a long time for my heart to stop
racing. It seemed like hours until I finaly talked to him
again. I when I did, I couldnt stay awake. Over all it was
an amazing night
Today I havent talked to him much but his been on my
mind. My head hurts alot right now. Im going to go lay
down and wait for Randy to call. Tomorrow is when the
doctor should call. Thank god.