2010-02-28 08:39:14 (UTC)


I don't know what to do anymore.Whatever I choose to do
someone will get hurt in the end.I love my bf Eric,but I
love my best friend Bobby who I've know longer.Everyone is
tellin me to end it with Eric.He's not good for me.That I
deserve better.But how do you end sumthing with someone you
love? I mean his bad outweighs his good.He's not the guy i
met at the lake last year.He's not sweet and caring.Now i
do believe he loves me,but he's starting to become an
asshole.He's actually told me at one point that I need to
learn my place,and then took it back said he didnt mean
it.I guess he thinks this is the 1940's where women and
children are seen but not heard.If so then we were never
meant to be because I'm very headstrong.But I watch what I
say at this point because he's very easily angered.I've
actually seen him punch a door and almost break it.What if
one day if we stay together and instead of it being a door
it's my face or something.And plus our relationship is hard
as it is because he's an hour away at college.And we only
see each other on breaks or seldomly on a weekend.I dont
know anymore.I need help but for now I'll just pray.

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