Reality's Calling
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2010-02-27 21:45:43 (UTC)

No Escape

Once my dad was diagnosed, cancer became an inescapable
topic. In my health class, we discussed the effects of
smoking, then alcohol, and then drugs, and stomach cancer was
of course at the top of those lists. Because I needed
permission to leave my cell phone on in class in case of an
emergency, I had to tell each and every one of my teachers
about his condition. They would ask me about him almost once
a week, pretty much whenever I saw them without other
students around. My friends would try to make me feel better
as well, but when they constantly remind me of it, it doesn't
do any good. That's another thing most people don't
understand. No one wants to be reminded of the things that
are wrong in their lives. They want to be distracted so they
can escape their problems. Will that ever be possible?

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