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2010-02-27 06:27:41 (UTC)


Everyone always told me to find a way to vent so i guess
ima do this..

life is ok but right now it aint the greatest especially
with my bf eric..sumtimes i wonder if he'll get abusive
because he's always gets so angry so easily..he keeps
tellin me that i need to learn my place and he will help
real quick..sumtimes he tlks down to me..ok most of the
time..he always makes me feel so dumb and little..and i
know that im stupid for stayin with him but i love him...i
cant tell anyone this because they would go so
afraid to have a voice with him..i jus bite my tongue..its
gettin to much and im about to blow up..i jus dont know
what to do makes it harder cuz he was my first
and that means alot because im 17 nd always said i would
only lose it in tired of not saying anything to
anyone but i dont wanna fight with anyone at all..i'm
tired of always babysitting my siblings im tired of always
cleanin..tired of always gettin bitched at when everyone
else is messin up the house or bein jus tired of

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