A daily confession
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2010-02-26 11:31:54 (UTC)

present 4

I cried all night, I didn't want my life to turn out that
way. I feel so lonely. And no amount of shouting at S
makes him understand that he did wrong things. And that
makes me even sader. I have great friends and they are all
very supportive but it just doesn't help.
I tried so many ways to make it work and to have a family
but S is not even able to handle money. But he controlled
it all and now it is all gone. The sums used up by him are
vast and I just feel like an idiot for having let him do
it for so long. It was not my money and I'm way to polite
and shy to really stop him of using his money.
Now all that's left to the whole story is me being hurt
and sad.
I don't have the strenght anymore to fight or explain
things. I just want time to turn back and give me my happy
hopeful self back.