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2010-02-26 04:41:52 (UTC)

i back!!

diary today suckz logan stupid brat hits me in the back
andd in the butt with rubber bandsramsey did the "pledge
ogf alegience" lol and it was so so so funny i'm back
together with netfa talked to araya and haven't heard from
danny yet ughhhhhh i told logan i was gonna kill him andi
cussed towards him hard too belive that i was the perfect
little nice chick sorry when we first met i was perfect
the funny how quickly we forget! dannielle is done i made
her sad but at least she knows ughhhh kameron was being a
jerk in the hallway cheyanne leverette is now my best
buddy and we do almost everything together :) on the other
hand i really do think abby moved we were best friends and
i loved her like a sister but now she's probably gonna be
gone and i have cheyanne and taylor today at pickups i
think curtis cox heard me when i said he was cute! well he
is but i couldn't get my eyesoff of daniel ireally like
him but he would probably never like me and i do like clay
and now i think autum knows it what ami gonna do?? i wanna
be cute smart and sweet but on the other side i wanna be
crazy outgoing and sexy but i better go before i get
caught saying this and i really need to talk to crystal i
haven't in weekz!!!!! i miss her and me and her are "best
friendz til da end" gotta goo evil dad me scared beat up
girl :'( bye!