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2010-02-25 22:05:44 (UTC)

defining moments 2

wow... i reali dnt knw.. actuali i knw but do i want
do?????????????? hmmmmmmmmmmmm... swr dwn see how am in
need of a clear decision yh see tht am gonna ask for a
clear sign for 2morrow and i aint gonna get done....
watch.. hmmmm

wat i relised tht god mite nt ave let me dwn just delayed
n sumtymes i get so annoyed omdz... god plz forgive but
ahh... too long..... well

signs i need pls god.. i reali dnt want to do bad even if
am pissed but now u gotta knw am being blinded by emotions
n i cant see through dis is wen i need u to guide e
through i admit am at ma most vulnerable pls.. i knw am
nt cryin but i am u knw ma heart... i dnt wanna let go
just coz i gave up...................

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