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2010-02-25 19:00:18 (UTC)


I wrote this song for this guy named Jose but they
called him Conejo. He died a long time ago. But I really
miss him. The song basicaly explains it all. It tells that
I really had strong feeling for him and that he meant the
world to me.

He died because of a gunshot. When he got to the
hospital he was allready death. I heard that he got shot
because of his sister. His sister and me got along reall
well. When I heard the news I just started creepIng out
and a tear came down.

At first I wanted to think that she was wrong but then
as soon as I got to the hospital I knew that I wasn't
dreaming, That I was in real life. It took me a week to
stay calmed but after that day all I could think of was
him and why wouldn't I stopped him. I knew it wasent my
fault but I just feel guilty about evertything.

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