baby shaq

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2010-02-25 16:58:11 (UTC)

mike4 douglass

Douglass is a good place to go to if you can not be able
to go anywhere else. I have been here for about two weeks
now . I have made friends who are cool and that have
taught me the rules. It is an easy place to become a part
of but there are many things that you have to do.

We have three classes a day which gets annoying because we
just go to the same classes everyday. We have the same
kids in each class. Which can get a little wild because
they get too comfortable. Then they start being rude to
the teachers because they think they are big and bad. But
then they get sent to the principle.

Douglass is a good place to be but it can get annoying.
The people and teachers are nice and you would fit in
well. I think douglass would be the right choice for
somebody who would want a place to start a new school
year. I have fit in well and I bet you will too.