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2010-02-25 15:25:27 (UTC)

National Archery Supply

Our constant customer feedback has led us to offer our new
CamCovers as an additional feature to the BowBat. The
CamCovers will provide even more protection to your bow's
camwheels during transport, or while raising and lowering
your bow.
The BowHunter's Vest™ is, by no means another vest with lots
of pockets for your gear, it's a custom designed call
holster...We designed the BowHunter's Vest™ around all that
we, big game hunters, want with us in the field, our calls,
range finder, flashlight, scents, gloves, mask, clippers,
water bottle, Wind Checker™, etc..

National Archery Supply Info
To deactivate the nock, tap the back of the nock three
consecutive times. The electronics run on the same
microprocessor that is used in advanced electronics. They
are sealed deep inside the nock and are 100% waterproof.
Battery replacement is easy and the patent-pending battery
retention system keeps the nock flashing for up to 40 hours
or until switched off.

National Archery Supply Archery Equipment The Bow Bipod is a
universal fit, easily attaches to any bow accessory hole or
riser cutout, holds bow in the horizontal or vertical
position, fully adjustable rotating legs, durable
lightweight aluminum(4 oz.), sound/vibration damping leg
The favorite choice for serious bowhunters looking for
deep-penetrating big game performance. New AXIS arrows are
the first ever to utilize carbon nanotubes for increased
strength compared to ordinary carbon arrows. Hidden Insert
Technology aligns broadheads for tighter groups.

National Archery Supply Details

Never again will you have to push, pull or turn your lighted
nock. The new G-Force Lighted Nock is activated by the
change in G-Force created by your shot. Once the arrow
leaves the bow, the red LED light is activated and shines up
to six seconds before transitioning to a blinking mode.

National Archery Supply Inc CENTER PIVOT TECHNOLOGY. Center
Pivot engineering attaches the riser near the center of the
limbs, so the limb tips move less mass weight and distance.
The Desert Stryker Crossbow is one of the baddest Crossbows
on the Market.
This creates minimal overall limb movement and the result is
refined stability unlike anything experienced before.

National Archery Supply Archery The Wildgame Innovations S2
is a 2.0 mega pixel camera that features 16MB onboard
memory, a powerful strobe flash (20 ft.) and a large LCD
programming screen, accommodates up to a 2GB SD card (not
included) for photo storage, takes still photos, USB cable
and bungee cords for mounting (included), operates on (4)
C-Cell batteries (not included).

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