Only In My Life
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2010-02-25 15:01:51 (UTC)

On January 28th 2010 Police busting in my door.

On Thursday January 28th, 2010. I decided I would take the
day off from work. I wanted to get some house cleaning
done and do some shopping. About 930/10 in the morning a
couple of my daughters friends came by and was visiting
for a few minutes.

We were all in the kitchen having a little bit of
conversation when the other kid that was with JJ named
Scott ( I didn't know him) said to JJ come on man I got to
get this money.

I thought of this and a short time later they left from my
house. About 20 minutes or so later they came back and I
was in the living room cleaing and my daughter was sitting
in the recliner talking on the cell phone. When they came
back in they looked like something was wrong. I said to
them what is wrong what is going on. I go no response. I
looked over at my daughter and said Brittany I don't like
this they are acting strange. Brittany said oh Mom I am
sure it is nothing for you to worry about.

At that point my grandson knocked over a cup of tea/soda
and my daughter got up to go get something to clean it
with. They stopped her and ask to use her phone and she
said I am on it right now go ask Brenda( her friend) for
hers she is upstairs. So upstairs they went.

A few minutes later they all came downstairs stating they
were going to take a walk. As soon as the door opened
there were police outside my door. Three police officers
came in and arrested JJ. I didn't know what was going on
and had my grandson in my arms so I started heading for
the bedroom when the police tried stopping me. I said I am
trying to get my grandson out of this situation.

They started questioning me and went through my house
looking for what I don't know. Apparently my house was
completely surrounded with the police the whole police
department except for two of them I was told by the
police. They wouldn't tell me what was going on.

Eventually the did. Apparently JJ and Scott went to the
local cigar store and held it up. They shot at the ceiling
to show the clerk that they were serious. They yoked up
the guy behind the counter and shoved him into the
cigarette shelves.

I was taken down to the police station for questioning as
well as my daughter and her friend. Just last Friday
02/19/2010 I had to go to court and testify. I am so angry
at these boys. I have helped, fed, washed clothes for
these kids in the neighborhood that need help. I am so
upset that they would even consider putting me and my
family through this. It was such a horrifying experinence
having the police in my home like that raiding and ripping
through all of our stuff. They even went to the loft and
ripped up floor boards and wall board looking for stuff.

I am just so disgusted by this. I know they were only
doing their job, but I did nothing wrong. I didn't even
know what was going on.

Just wanted to share this experience.

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