My Life music,dreams,school,and boys
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2010-02-25 04:26:22 (UTC)

Hey :'(

Hey diary i have officaly made my life awfull netfa bent
is probobly breaking up with me cause i know he's
cheating :( but i know one person who'd never ever do that
to me that's my vampire i really do miss danny i want him
to hold me again and at school kameron good ramsey good
owen not so good and dannielle well...lets just say i'm in
sooooo not good cuz her mom wanted to talk to my mom and
i'm not allowed to talk to her ughhhhhh why is this all so
complicated if i could be a singer and change my life
forever i would! i wish i could go to hollywood hangwith
ceebs but i know it wouldbe hard work but it's all worth
it i really like it in tennessee but i bet those stars
have it all i love my life but now i hate it i love netfa
an di love danny but if i really did have to pick 1 i
would pick danny he never cheated and helikes mefor me and
i ove him for him i realy need everything to fall back
downinto place so it's all gonna be good in the long run i
sure hope everything i try comes together :( but ti i find
the right 1 for me i'll be with danny or netfa and maby in
real life later kameron or ramsey! i'd takeeither 1 i love
them all but who i really want is daniel holland and owen
watsoon there sweet and understand i love 'em :)