Diary of a actress to be
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2010-02-25 03:38:14 (UTC)

02/24/10 Are we a item?

I was listening to the new song
By: Justin Bieber
reading over my monologue when a friend of mine called me
and convo went sort of like this.

Me: Hey
Mikaela: Hey, guess what?
Me: What?
Mikaela: Erin says me and him are a item!
Me: *drops phone*
Mikaela: Ello? Asia??
Me: Huh?
Mikaela: Happy?
Me: Oh yeah just kind of shocked.
Mikaela: Why?
Me: Uh, no reason call ya later buh bye -hangs up-

So yeah oh and i offically failed a math Vocabulary Test
haha. I'm warning my teachers hell will rise if i repeat

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