My Thoughts
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2010-02-24 20:06:11 (UTC)

Take responsibility

I am disappointed in myself. Nothing feels right anymore
and while I can visually see my progress I still feel like
I'm at a standstill. I am tired of life taking shots at
me, but I am sure retaliation is not the answer...... but
I feel like retaliating. It's like life takes no
responsibility for the shit it does to you, however, you
must assume responsibility for the shit that happens to
you. Even if in that moment, you did nothing to deserve
what you got, but I have come to learn that the truth is
there is this gray area filled with shit that will not be
explained that happens in your life, however, you must
still man up to all the bullshit (and good shit) and take
responsibility. The bottom-line is that all of this
responsibility equals stress and being irresponsible
equal’s consequences, yet somehow in-between all the
stress and consequences, you must find a way to be happy.
What are those things that make you happy? and what are
you willing to risk to be happy? I am starting to think
the word balance is just another seven letter word taking
up space in dictionary far from truly defining an equal
part of life's moments.

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