The untold stories of a med student
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2010-02-24 18:59:31 (UTC)

Day one!

So here i sit at school in the libary and come to find out
even though this is med school we still have alot of
childish bitches here which futher pisses me off.
My mom told me yesterday that she would not come see me
walk accross the stage and get my degree becuz my best
friend in the whole wide world will be there and she
doesnt like her. So i need to choose her or me well mom
since this friend has taken care of me when i needed her
the most when i was going through my nasty divorce and
when i was homeless cuz you couldnt take me in. she saw me
go though all the ups and downs of med school she helped
me get this far and i will not choose you over her she
desevres to see me walk.
And then its my last month really it is i have a job
lined up after my intership it will be great i cant wait
and to add it all up, my boyfriend will be home in two
weeks fun! lol i miss him but really people.
I have decided that i am not going to let anyone get in
the way of my dream i worked really hard to get where i am
I did being the key word its all me baby so if you want
to be negative then leave me the hell alone cuz i dont
have the time for you and your damn games!!