baby shaq

2010-02-24 16:47:14 (UTC)

mike3 high school

Next year I am going to high school it will be so wierd.
Because i dont have homework this year but it will all be
different next year. Which will be hard at first but I
guess I will get the hang of things. The next hardest
thing is to get used to the high school kids. And also I
will have to learn my way around the school hallways.

Also I am trying to play football which means i will have
to keep my grades up. I have been practicing which means i
might fit in well. It will be hard to keep my grades up
because i will have to learn new things. Which is allways
hard at first but I will get the hang of things. I think i
can do good and i belive in myself.

I hopefully will fit in at broadrun which is my
highschool. but if I dont i allways have friends to hang
out with. But if things dont go well at broadrun i can
allways come back to douglass. Which will probably be
better but there is nothing wrong with trying new things.
I just hope things go allright so my high school years
will just be a breeze by.