smiley sue

questions to the world
2010-02-24 15:31:01 (UTC)


school work school work school work school work school work
i've never in my life wanted a weekend to come so fast it's
only wedensday!! i wanna see his face :) even though i'm
sure it still looks the same. i've been every happy lately
even at work i don't find myself getting angery so fast.
it's strange i guess this is what true happyness is i
really hope i don't screw it up. keeping my fingers
crossed. my bestest has been really sad these last few days
and she wont tell me whats going on. i'm worried about her
i keep asking but she keeps saying shes fine and like when
i see her she is shes happy laughing everythings good then
like an hour later shes upset???? i don't wanna keep
pushing her cause i'm one of those people who keep
everything bottled up inside too. but i wanna help her.
what should i do?
why is it that when i'm really pissed or sad i can write
and write and write but now i'm happy like really happy i
mean i used to sleep like 10-12 hours a night and now i'm
getting like 6 (staying up late talking to him) and i'm
fine in the morning?
you think you got your confusion finally figured out then
more stuff shows up? but this is little shit compared to
what used to be in there.