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CasaBlanca Express

The profit is therefore the difference between the
advertised price which the customer pays and the discounted
price at which it is supplied to the agent. This is known as
the commission. A British travel agent would consider a
10-12% commission as a good arrangement. In Australia, all
individuals or companies that sell tickets are required to
be licensed as a travel agent

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Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC)
CBE maintains an ARC appointment and in-house ticketing
staff to insure cost accountability and control.

Seller of Travel Registration
In any state with such a licensing requirement, CBE has met
the requirements and is licensed according to all applicable
registration laws. The Seller of Travel Registration
indicates compliance with certain state government financial
stability requirements, auditing waivers, and contributions
to a restitution fund.
California Seller of Travel Registration No. 1020730-40
Washington State Seller of Travel Registration No. 601-682-521

CasaBlanca Express About Each date must be spread apart by
at least 21 days. Don’t bother with holidays. You definitely
will not get any dates that fall around a holiday. If none
of your dates work, they will mail you a slip of paper with
available dates. Pick three of the dates and resend the

Casa Blanca Express

With general public access to the Internet, many airlines
and other travel companies began to sell directly to
passengers. As a consequence, airlines no longer needed to
pay the commissions to travel agents on each ticket sold

CasaBlanca Express Com "When is my itinerary made available?"
Actual itineraries for air travel are typically not
available until 7-10 days before your travel date. However,
our customer service department will be able to provide you
with your flight and hotel information as soon as those
reservations are made. Flight assignments are made on a
random basis utilizing blocked seats, CBE cannot accommodate
specific flight requests for promotional travelers.
Generally, flights depart between 3pm and 10 pm and return
between 6am and 1pm.

CasaBlanca Express Info "How do I make a reservation?"
Please follow the instructions printed on your travel
certificate and reservation request form. In order to avoid
unnecessary delays, please remember to complete all
processing forms in accordance with the instructions
provided. All reservations must be made through CBE, do not
try to make reservations directly with an airline or hotel
as they do not sponsor or endorse CBE's products.

"Why am I limited to certain arrival and return days?"
Only certain off-peak days are made available to CBE based
on agreements with their air and hotel partners.

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