My Life music,dreams,school,and boys
2010-02-24 05:05:11 (UTC)

well okay!

hey diary told you i'd be back now bout the other day yeah
it affects big time! i don't really know why ramsey likes
me but i know that i like him now and kameron quit being
sexy round me i wish samantha would go away and kelsey and
ughhh! i don't really think i can take it well trevor and
dylan and trevor made the cut and r goin to disney!!
AYAY!! bad news i miss danny and netfa ughh what am i
gonaa do with all these guys i wish this didn't happen but
1 thing my favorite songsyeah it's real right out daniel
Invisibe it goes

nothins real and nothing matters fell apart the pieces
shatters :( ughhhhh who do i have to be before daniel
notices me! :'(

but i can be

The Girl Most Likely To! i know i can always be that but i
really need to focus on my music i don't talk to crystal
anymore but i do dannielle and that's awsome in the
meantime still crushin' on Mason Hewit! what the heck am i
gonna do now diary?? i really need help

i am so gonna have detentioncuz today suckz but the new
coach iz hott!!! ;)

i really do need to start flirting some more i'm getting
tired of being a prisoner in my own house i try to please
kameron but..don't i matter too??

well i better go school tomorrow health class evil dad!!


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