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2010-02-23 18:57:16 (UTC)

My favorite song

My favorite song is Prrum because it just has alot of
rythm and I like the beat. They put it in the nightclubs
and then people dance to it since it has a good beat to
dance to. I like the guy who sings it because he can sing

The guy who sings this song is name Coscuella but he's
known as El Principe. All of his songs are really good.
His songs can get stuck on people's head for a really long
time like it did to me. ONe day I was at school and I just
started thinking about that song and it finally went away
after an hour.

Another of a good song of him is called Na Nau. That
song is about some girl named Viviana that he likeed alot
when he was younger and as they got older they stayed
together, even though Vivianas parents didnt like him.
Then after a while his artist career started and she left
with him and Then they stayed together.

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