Its Not Easy Being Frankie xo
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2010-02-23 18:50:40 (UTC)

The party, ashamed and confused

Jason threw his annual anti-lent bash at his house in Midtown. The idea is
that the party has all the stuff people give up for lent, chocolate, alcohol,
meat and sex, which always manage to link together throughout the
I got ready with Jen, we put on our thongs, bras and dresses. We were
both wearing Alexander Wang dresses we had bought yesterday, mine
was a XS and Jen's was a M and I felt good as she jealously watched me
slip into the purple fabric which went with my new tan from christmas and
I asked her to zip it up she rammed it up an got changed in the bathroom.
We got there by daddy's limo, he was still away. We went in and thenparty
was in full swing, and when I say swing I mean literally swinging. Half the
party was on the floor and the rest were grinding against the walls, many
people eyed me up greedily, but this isn't my style. I went to the bar and
ordered a Bacardi and diet coke, and waited for Eamon.
I saw Amy come towards me and sit next to me, she looked gorgeous, in
a skintight Blake dress and dark red hair. She was really funny and
despite the fact Eamon seemed to be a no show, I was having a real
good time, downing drink after drink with her.
It was three hours later that we were sitting on the sofa, surrounded by
guys that someone suggested truth or dare,
"Amy, I dare you to make out with Frankie"
"Dont I have a say in this" I giggled
Amy however was loving the attention and gently cupped my face with her
hands and kissed me, her Tongue was in my throat and I was really
enjoying it, theirs no doubt I'm straight but I wanted more.
I started responding and I could hear the guys around us swearing and
shouting but started to grab Amy's butt with one hand and put the
otherhand through her hair.
I was so into it I didn't notice Danny walk in, he strode in and watched us.
Amy started to move her hand under my dress and I jolted up and saw
Danny, ghe winked at me and said 'I expected this of you, Frankie".
I suddenly was mixed with anger and upset, Danny had no right to expect
anything from me.
"fuck off, dipshit" I said and I ran out of the room, I felt so ill I ran to the
bathroom and puked in the sink, I've been drunk before but never this
bad. I sank to the floor and lay there, crying, I was so ashamed at my
whoreness, and I must have fallen asleep.

I woke up the next morning, not on a gross bathroom floor, but tucked into
my bed. Still dressed in my party dress but someone had taken off my
shows and I spotted them by the door. I was wearing a grey hoodie that
was definatley not mine. I got up and a piece of paper slid of my bed and
onto the floor, I picked it up.

Hope you would expect this of Eamon
D x

dilemma, he's a real good guy and that's rare in my life