baby shaq

2010-02-23 16:57:42 (UTC)

Mike 2

The day it snowed twenty feet. I was walking home and i
felt something falling from the sky. I would not have
thought it would snow in the middle of summer. I can
remember it like it was yesterday. Oh wait it was
yesterday i think.

It was a typical day i woke up at about 10:00 A.M. Which
is kind of early for me. I went over to Julians house for
a while. Then i was walking back from Julians when it
really started to come down. At first i thought it was
rain then i looked up.

I started running but i could not make it inside. I was
right outside my door when i started to feel cold. I felt
like i was frozen. Then i was feeling for the door and i
finnally felt it and i got it opened. Me and my family
were stuck inside my house for about 3 months.