National Archery Supply
2010-02-23 13:57:11 (UTC)

National Archery Supply

Will fit most aluminum arrows with the Super Uni Bushing
system or most of the standard carbon arrows such as Easton,
Beman, Cabela's and Carbon Express. 2-pack includes one
weighted practice nock. The .204 size weights 24grains and
the .244/246 size weights 38grains.

National Archery Supply
To deactivate the nock, tap the back of the nock three
consecutive times. The electronics run on the same
microprocessor that is used in advanced electronics. They
are sealed deep inside the nock and are 100% waterproof.
Battery replacement is easy and the patent-pending battery
retention system keeps the nock flashing for up to 40 hours
or until switched off.

National Archery Supply Profile Never again will you have to
push, pull or turn your lighted nock. The new G-Force
Lighted Nock is activated by the change in G-Force created
by your shot. Once the arrow leaves the bow, the red LED
light is activated and shines up to six seconds before
transitioning to a blinking mode.

National Archery Supply Profile

There is nothing for your bowstring to catch on with the
Bowhunter's Vest™. It cinches your clothes in, so your shot
is unobstructed every time. The BowHunter's Vest™ can be
worn over your safety harness. It's unique safety harness
opening will keep your harness strap from binding behind
your neck. The BowHunter's Vest™ keeps you organized and
comfortable allowing you to be able to focus on the shot.

National Archery Supply Details CENTER PIVOT TECHNOLOGY.
Center Pivot engineering attaches the riser near the center
of the limbs, so the limb tips move less mass weight and
distance. The Desert Stryker Crossbow is one of the baddest
Crossbows on the Market.
This creates minimal overall limb movement and the result is
refined stability unlike anything experienced before.

National Archery Supply Info Apple Evolution For
professionals needing the fastest, most advanced bow press,
we engineered the brand new Apple Evolution.
1.Completely compresses and breaks down all bows and
crossbows, including limb tip compression2.Optional add-on
motor will be available early 20093.Engineered to provide
the best technology, flexibility and speed on the
market4.Rapid, easy and versatile setup, with no crossing
bars5.Synchronous arm movement for equal compression6.Mounts
on a stand or bench (no bench modification needed)

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