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2010-02-23 04:21:58 (UTC)


just the other day I had a dream about a friend named
Carlos. You should know him since you're with me all the
time. I had a dream that he was dying. He was bleeding to
death. The paramedics said they couldn't do anything to
save him, he was bleeding to much. At first I couldn't
tell where it was until the second night I had the dream.
It was at some sort of water park. He was on a slide or a
diving board, I couldn't tell because I was watching from
afar. He jumped and instead of landing in the pool he fell
on to the tent material that surrounded whatever it was he
jumped off of. When I woke up I was worried. I called and
e-mailed him alot until he answered. I fear for his life
because the last time I had a dream about someone dying,
that person actually died. But, that time, it was someone
I didn't know. So it makes me scared. I just hope that
nothing will happen to him.

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