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2010-02-23 03:21:17 (UTC)


22 February 2010
Today to me was BS Monday! On Friday we had a sub
teacher in science the kind of teacher that pretends to
read the paper when really he is sleeping. Well that day
the class was out of control and today i took a small
blame of it because i was talking ,but at least I could
own up to it unlike everyone else in that class that were
too coward to risk getting in trouble and their talking
was way worse. I mean everyone else in that class was
making weird noises as well as star wars character noises.
I mean really.
Also today i had to go to a lunch dance class where i
had the urge to pee and i was so hungry due to the fact
that i had to miss lunch just to be there so i had a sense
of relief when the bell rang so i could run to guess what
class? Yup dance at least i could go pee before i changed
into my PE or Dance clothes.
Not only that but i forgot to turn in a major
assignment in English. There is more detail behind science
class but i am to angry to rethink all of that.I just wish
people could just be a little more honest not like
teachers pet honest but honest in the way that is genuine.
A big idiot is the person who tells the lie the even
bigger idiot is the person who believes the lie.