Its Not Easy Being Frankie xo
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2010-02-22 21:06:11 (UTC)

Frankie - Oops look what I fucked...

So me and Eamon have been going out and at it for a while
now and he had a stellar party on Friday. His best
friendd Danny was there and he was checking me out. I was
wearing this tight green dress that Eamon bought for me
but you could see my bra strap just slightly, and Danny
definatley noticed as party continued..
anyway to cut a long story short me and Danny were
suddenly making out in Eamons room. He took my dress off
and we were kissing and I noticed he was really hard.
I'm a from the front girl, but Danny was a behind guy and
well, I've only done it backways with Eamon once and it
wasn't great but with Danny I was gasping, groaning and
moaning so loudly I thought people might hear.

Then I did it, I gave him head. I had never done it to
Eamon, it was amazing, Danny was moaning to and was
holding me tighter and closer than Eamon ever had, and I
felt something different.

We were both sober, and in a buisness like way decided
never to talk of it, and I put my clothes on and left.
That night I did it with Eamon, but I kept thinking about
Danny and how I really want to, catchup with him again.

I don't feel bad about it though, it wasn't cheating in my
eyes. Just thinking about last night and Danny is making
me really wet though.

Frankie = a girl in dilemma...

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