story of my life
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2010-02-22 15:26:46 (UTC)

not so good :/

today all i did was just contemplate how i hate my life so
much...thinkin bout the girl im in love with hating that
its impossible for us to be together,make things worse im
not out yet, im so close bout being depressed actually i
think iam...everything in my life sucks i fuckin hate
being me :/ i wish i had someone to talk with...i want to
go somewhere where noone knows me i want to start my life
all over again i just want to GET OUT of this place.i hate
people u think ur "friends" with and just stop talkin to
you the next day,i hate people giving u false hope like
tellin you i love you but dont really mean it..i hate not
bein taken seriously when im being serious...i hate people
i hate life i hate ME!!!!!!

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