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2010-02-22 15:08:39 (UTC)

best and worst day all in the same week

to start out two fridays ago was suppost to be an amazing
night we were planning a party for my dads birthday

friday morning i awake running behind i rush outta the
house forgetting my work clothes getting half way to
school and having to turn around (school is 45 minutes
away) already being late and having to get ready for the
party i figure i'll just say home. around 9:50 my little
brother calls he "skipped" class too. he was asking if i
wanted some food from town. 1 hour and 22 minutes later i
get a call saying my little brother is trying to be
revived. i ran as fast i could to get my daddy screaming.
he says he's never seen me like that he could see the fear
in my eyes. i was so scared. they bayflighted him to
bayfront hospital where he spent the next 8 days laying in
a bed. thank god he was ok and is back at home :) my best
friend in the world was there to hold my hand the whole
time. i thank god for him too.

the following friday when he returned home. we had tickets
to see chris young. i told him i'd stay home with him but
he told me to go. i needed to get out i had been with him
the whole time and he would be there when i got back. i
felt alittle bad. but the concert was amazing! chris
young=yummy! and he held my hand :)

on the way home my best friend the one we call cowboy was
with me and looking damn sexy i have to say. joking around
i told him to get out of the truck & he did :( he walked 2
miles home and he would not get back in the truck i was
crying and we were yelling it was the second worst day of
my life! but i finally told him i liked him and that
sometimes i didnt know how to acted around him he looked
at me like i was stupid but come to find out he likes me
too :) so now i believe i'm dating my best friend of 12
years! crazy. saturday we got my brother out of the house
and went to a movie then went to cindas birthday party
where mikeyy got to see some of our good friends they were
so happy to see him.

sunday we were suppost to go to church the 9 am service
and yeah that didnt work out to well so we went to the
11am & this is the first time my family has gone to
church. & of course my cowboy came with us :)

sunday night i laid in bed with him :) it was quite fun
haha don't think to dirty but at the end of the night i
got a hug? whats up with that oh well a kiss? it's still
alittle strange going from best friends to more than that.

however these were the best & worst days of my life but i
thank god for how they turned out :)!!!!!

ps- i've been having the sweetest dreams