Diary of an Emo
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2010-02-22 14:41:42 (UTC)

Emo Diary

Through an emo's youth, he or she feels pain.
Getting bullied, or hit by their parents.
Or hurt by their boyfriend/girlfriend.
The love in their eyes disappears.
The hate overwhelms it.

As you can read in one of my other poems, emo's store all
the hate and pain inside.
And that when it gets too much it wants to get out.
They can express their feelings in poems, what I do.
Or they cut.

When people ask an emo if they cut and they say yes, they
say that there cant be a reason to.
But they have no idea whats going on in the emo.

Emo's are really sensitive.
Sometimes people make fun of that.
There was this youtube video, with someone acting like an
One of the scenes he did was looking in to a candybottle,
and started saying in a crying voice "There are so many

Now that is what I call emo-racism.
Emo's are sensitive, but not that sensitive.
And the people out there can know that.

People also say to me often that I have no reason to be emo.
But they have no idea that they are part of why im emo.
Im talking about two boys in my class.
One calls me bitch all the time, the other one says that im
a retard.

Now that is how you hurt my feelings.

This isn't even a poem anymore, this became more of a blog
to let everyone that reads this know how it is to be emo.
And how the people treat you as emo.

Please check out my other poem/blogs.


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