As the story goes...
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2010-02-22 05:39:49 (UTC)


This is my first diary keeping adventure, so bare with me. I figure I'll start out
by sharing a little about who I am.

I'm a 21 year old college girl, born and raised in Colorado.
I've always been decently outgoing and more than willing to make new friends.
The friends I have I can tell anything to. I've known the majority of them since
we were 5 and will most likely be friends with them till we're 95. Friends to me
are what makes my life worth living and I wouldn't trade any of them for
anything in this world. I have a decently "stable" family life, if thats what you
can call it. We get along but we aren't particularly close. I've always been
overweight since I was little and was diagnosed about a year ago with PCOS
syndrome. I've been doing my best to cope with it but sometimes its can be
difficult. I'm hoping that writing diary entries will help me deal with things a
little better.

All for today,