my life as shantay
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2010-02-21 19:42:27 (UTC)

How Jeynahh Ruined My Life

It all started about 2 years ago when me and jeynahh
started talking.(but i didnt get too personal becaus i knew
how she was)Then i told her i had a bf and that changed
THAT.*REVERSE*At first i wasnt her friend at all and she
didnt talk to me either because she was popular and i was
not.But then we just started talking and it was the
weirdest thing.But any way i told her i had a bf and she
looked at me all wierd and then she said she had to go so i
said ok.But i never got a call back alll summer.When we got
back to school my boyfriend told me something really sad.
(at that time i didnt have my fake bf yet so it was ok)I
will show it in exact

him:i like u but i dnt think i can like u anymore.(i
looked at him like he was on crack like i do to everyone
but at that time i wasnt on crack because michael hills
didnt know me

me:wtf do u mean? i didnt do anything horable to u and
this is what i get?*kick*(i kicked him in his balls and

Then the next day i found out e was goin out with
jeynahh,and my friend told me that jeynahh told him
something to make him break up with me.All i did was lauph
and said,well now she got my sloppy seonds.I go a new bf
and she stold him 2 and my old bf tried to get back with me
and i said NO!!Now i cant date anyone because shes tealing
everyone and i have no love life.Now im thinking up a plan
to ruin her life.SO BYE DIARY!!

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