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2001-10-10 00:56:27 (UTC)

Almost slept with Nick...Jarod is such a HOTTIE!~!~!~

Almost slept with Nick...Jarod is so HOT!!!! 10/8/2001


Yeah so I'm happy in a way for what Mikel did. At leats
this way I know what an asshole he is. That I didn't want
to be with ANYONE like that. Don't you agree?!

So damn it all to hell... single YET AGAIN!

Nick came over last night... We almost slept together...
Yeah I know its like WOOOO Well he called me and I talked
to him. He asked if it was ok if he came over. So when he
got over to my house we sat outside for a while and talked.
(now I was FUCKING FREEZING) Then he saw that I was cold.
Asked if I wanted to go in. I was like, "HELL YES!" So we
went to my room. He grabbed my blanket and rapped it aroudn
me. Then he pulled me close to hima dn rubbed his hands up
and down my arms making me warm... aaawwwwww. Then he
kissed my forehead. I just looked up... and well he kissed
me. It was so sweet. Simple and soft. Then he ran his ahnds
threw my hair and he KNOWS I LOVE that... Drives me nuts..
(don't ask me why) So I kissed him... which lead to making
out. Which some how lead to his hands down my pants and
mine down his. Cloths were off in seconds... and well we
just started feeling and touching each other. Which lead to
me begging for him. I moaned his name... He asked if it was
ok. If I wanted to. I told him yes. That I wanted him.

So he grabbed his dick and started to go slow making sure I
was ok. Damn that shit hurt. He got all the way in but it
hurt a lot so I stopped him. He was cool with it cause he
wanted me to be ok with it and him. I told him maybe
another time. So we got dressed...he helped me lol =) Then
he hugged me and asked me like 7 times if I was ok. I said
I was. Just a little sore. So we talked a little bit
longer. He would aslways ask if I was ok. Like I would
regret it. I don't not even now. I wanted to just as much
as he did.

I just know what came over me. It just happened. That ever
happen to any of you? I mean it was all heat and action. I
do care about Nick... but I don't regret it at all or
anything. I just don't know... I couldn't help myself. I
wanted it... I wanted him... I handed him a condom when we
first started, but he told me it was ok that he won't cum.
I told him again and again to use it anyway. I didn't want
to chance it... I mean... but he wont... That bugged me...

Well I have to run... I think I might have some good news
to tell you later =) *wink wink* pray for me lol This TOTAL
hottie has been talkign to me...we might hook up sometime

See ya!


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