My Life music,dreams,school,and boys
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2010-02-21 18:47:05 (UTC)

This is me!

Well Diary, today is a lot better right now i'm watching
barbie diaries you know my favorite show or movie 'bout
the girl who finds out what makes the populars popular and
finds the guy she really likes not the jock and discovers
the real life in her was her music. yeah diary exactaly
how i feel right now i'm writing songs and scared to go
back to school on monday everyone sees me and kameron but,
somtimes i think he's using me just for show. and i really
do like daniel i have since last year and i have no idea
of what to do i really like owen and daniel and i don't
wanna let anyone down specially kameron but ii can't stand
everyone talking about me and own being "a cute couple"
and kameron and me being the "stuck up sexy brats" and
daniel i like him but he doesn't even notice me i really
wish he did though but if i went out with daniel owen
wouldn't like me anymore and i really do like him and
samantha kelsey and cheyanne are loving every bit of me
being misreble i realy don't wanna be one of them i mean
their so..popular and i'm so not the last time in english
cheyanne said "you need to hang out with us and learn to
lie" i already am in enough troule with them and samantha
what i don't get is why she hates me so much maby cause it
kameron she likes or somthing last year i saw her looking
at him and every since i was the girl behind the lockers
she's hated me i just think she does it to cut me down for
hanging with kameron and trying to make somthing of my
life. but that's not going to happen is is cause luck it's
the one thing i don't have but if theree ever is a school
talent show i need to sing cause that's one thing i'm sure
of in my life

Q* * * * QQQQQQQ)QQ) This is Me!
QQ (((((Q* * * * * *QQQQ)QQQ)
QQQQ!!!!!!!!!!!* Q* * * *QQQQQQQQ)QQ)

Yeah it's a Guiar :)