my life as shantay
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2010-02-21 07:06:39 (UTC)

late night writing,and my whole cats(sam-humpsters) story

ITS FREAKIN 3:00AM!!!! i probably wont get off until 12:00
pm today.Today is my friend aneyshas b-day but she isnt
having anything.*sigh*that means ill have to spend the
last day of winter vaca bored as hell.Its winter vaca and
the only fun thing i did this whole week was go to ihop
and that was 4 days

Now sam-humpsters story.about 2 years ago me and my
lil sis were outside and we saw a cat that was foaming of
the mouth.My sis then picked something up but i didnt
bother asking.Then we were called for lunch,but i had to
to the bathroom but my sis went in first.But i barged in
anyway and i saw her washing the cats mouth.This is what
she told me:(she was 4 at the time)"The cat had soap in
his mouth so im washing it out for him"i just lauphed at
her and called my mom upstairs.As soon as she saw the cat
she took it and threw it out the window 6 times but it
came right back in.So she said we might as well keep it.I
looked at her like she was on crack(even though i was the
on crack becauseit was a wednsday and i had just got back
from my fake bfs house)then i bust out lauphing for no
reason.And somehow the cat grew out the rabies even though
we never took him o the vet.And apparently he had babies
b4 he came because the next day a girl cat showed up with
5 kittens
outside my window and meowed like crazy.But i never let it
in.And apparenty the boy cat was sad because he didnt have
a girl anymore because everyday he meowed like crazy after
that until he saw a blanket and had his first hump on it
and he found out that it satisfied his sexual needs.So he
humped everyday.At first his name was sam but then we
humpster because of all his humping.So thats my whole cats
story.And my hands r hurtng for the first time in a very
long time so i think
im gonah get off the coputer b4 my mom comes to plug it
out and pours ice down my shirt.BYE DIARY!!

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