my life as shantay
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2010-02-21 04:01:01 (UTC)

my cat,my addictions,and my shool life

I have a cat named sam-humpster and i dont even know what
breed he is.His name is sam-humpster because For some
reason he like to hump pillows,blankets shirts and
anything thats humpable.My cousin is starving him to death
when im at school because all she does is have "BLAHH"
with her bf.As soon as i get home my cat tries to eat me

Moving on to the additions.My 1st addiction is not
that strong.On wednsdays and thursdays only,i go to my
fake bfs house and sniff crack cocain.The reason y hes my
fake bf is because im using him to get michael hills away
from me.And the reason y i sniff crack is because i want
michael hills to think im on crack so he wont come to my
house anymore and try to make out.My second addiction is
my very strong addiction to going on the
computer.Sometimes i go on the computer for hours upon
hours.One time i was on for 15 hours straight on a school
night and when it was 7:00 in the morning my mom had to
pour a buket of ice in my shirt to get me off,but i still
went on so she plugged it out and i slaped her but she got

Now to my school life.My 4 bffs are
aneyshie,vanessa,kumary,and shalamay.My frenemy's r ikiia
and ellmuna.(i know everybodys names r wierd)and my one
enemy is jeynahh.My brilliant plan is to ill her at the
end of year trip to the ranch valley.Im gunnah drown her
then make a horse run over her.But first,i need the whole
school to go against her.Even though i sound weird i know
what im doin because she ruined my life.But my mom s
buying me micky d's again so bye diary.

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