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2010-02-21 00:06:07 (UTC)

~unexpected happiness~

Sometimes in life you get to meet people that will change, or effect your life in
ways, that it leaves a lasting impression on your heart...I have been very blessed
and lucky to have met such a person, and even luckier to have reconnected with
this person after many long years.... I am overwhelmed at how feelings never
really go away....they just lie dormant...waiting to re-awaken...and when they
do, the flood gates open, and all those feelings you thought you may never feel
again, come rushing back..making you feel faint and flushed...I feel like i am 18
again, like not much time has passed, and that ANYTHING is possible. I have a
dream, and i pray that it will come true....I am clear in my mind, on what it is
that I want in life...To be happy with the one person that I have always loved,
and if it means waiting, so be it.... All I want is the chance to try to make
amends, and love my first true love.

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