A daily confession
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2010-02-20 22:27:24 (UTC)

present 3

I knew that the day would not end well... I got up happy
and relaxed cuddling my kids and feeding the cats. I
checked emails, facebook and Twitter. I did some
household, took a shower and cooked lunch. During havng
lunch at around 12:30 S got up and as usual told me what
is hurting him and that the world is so unfair to him. He
told me he will lose his bank account as he can not pay
the money he ows on it and that his storages need to be
He checked his email and made me read one and said what
shall I answer the woman? I walked away and said that I
don't know what he should write. he complained about one
of his american friends who should send him some money
from his sold car.
We argued a bit forth and back as he was in general
insulting wemon and eventually we came to the everlasting
topic of me and my parents... or to be precise me and my
parents money.
The same old tirade of how all his financial mess was my
fault and that I could correct everything with just one
phone call. I got very angry and told him to grow up
already and to stand on his own two feet. He said I'm an
immature iferior brained little girl who does not
understand a helping family concept. Two seconds later he
asked me to pay for his storages next month. I got furious
and told him to fuck off. He tried it with the but you
promised me and I told him that I did say no such thing. I
said I will pay for one and that's it. I also told him
that I paid many times for him and the moment he moves out
of here (end of february) that I have no desire to help
him anymore. he told me I was usless and horrible and
unfair. I tried to bring the usless conversation into
another direction and told S about my plans and
appointments for next week. He said he would look into his
calender and tell me what days he needs the car and will
not be here. instead of talking to me (in the same
appartment) he sent me a message...
THINGS TO ZURICH BY CAR. Eg 11am and on 2 days 2pm onwards.
I could do this (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri) on 1, 2, 4 and 5
March too if it suits you better. (Mahatma etc will need
the Corsa). Some days next week and some days beginning of
March would also do. Then immediately Corsa to London and
back to be left with you. I shall bargain with the safe
people and sell waches and Leicas - here again perhaps. L
will try to raise money for the Mazda to be released and
driven to London to be sold.
March will be a busy month. Leonardo will do up the house
if the 5 catsleave. He will work for free - heavy work. We
need to supply the kitchen. He will try to get windows and
glass door on credit from the man who took the
measurmenents. A very nice man. Stone walls will be
corrected 'upstairs' too. Rent (or sale) will pay him
back. He feels very sorry for us and this whole saga. :-(
I read only the first part of the message and freaked!!!
What beginning of march? He had to be out of here by the
end of the month. I went and tld him and he said but so
many things went wrong and I can't really do it and it
would just be a few days. I gor so angry and yelled at him
that he has to leave. the government is taking away a
large chunk of the moneny they are giving me because he is
sitting in my appartment. I told him that by the 28th he
will leave here. No discussion.
He told me I'm impossible and have no understanding for
his situation and that I'm just like my father an abuser.
We got into an even more heated argument where I decided
to go shopping before it totally escaleted. I wasn't gone
five minutes the messages started coming...