My Life music,dreams,school,and boys
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2010-02-20 22:21:50 (UTC)

Today Ughhhhh!!!!

Just another sunday huh?, not really ast night at the
dance everything went wrong taylor and her boyfriend broke
up and got back together i don't know if autum is mad at
me or not and i'm pretty sure kameron is gonna hate me for
liking owen and not him but i do lie him just not in
the "oh i want you in bed with me" way and i havea huge
crush on daniel his friend i love all my friends but
nothing is working right now i have to talk to crystal and
see what she said and i have so much problems with
dannielle she wants to go to ohio with me but.. i'm not
going to go ughh i so hope her mom says "NO!" i'm so so
so in trouble!! well i gotta go later diary

Peace Love Mussic with Dreams :) lol

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