my life as shantay
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2010-02-20 20:14:23 (UTC)

first time writing

Food is my thing. I love food and espeacially
funny thing is i dont gain weight.No matter how much i eat
i dont gain weight, im probably not even 80 pounds yet.
and im 13.I HATE BOYS but im not a lesbian.I hate cats but
i have 1.I think i was so desperet for an animal that i
a cat anyway.As you can see
im kinda topsy turvey.Michael hills has been stalking me
like he has no life,and he doesnt because he has no home
and he lives in our school.He gets dissmissed like
else,then he goes into an empty classroom and he goes
classroom hopping the whooollllee night.Then he wakes up
the first sunrise and washes his face in the water
fountain.Then he goes in the auditorium and hides under a
chair untill the students come and acts like he just got
there.Im the only one who knows cuz he opens hisself to me
like i care.It just shows that hes in love with me but i
cant get near him because he smells like piss everyday.but
i gotta eat my 3 big macks and 2 large fries with 1 apple
pie from mcdonalds so bye.