2010-02-20 09:19:16 (UTC)

quest day 1

so its began.. quest for the perfect body.. y do i wannt
to do dis?? i dont knw but mayb coz am tired of ppls
laughin... the thing is sum where at the bk of ma mind i
keep finkin if i follow the rules then everything is goin
to be ok.. but rules?? n wen will they eventuakky be ok???

i knw i need to be more patiently but how wld u feel if
the very thing u were cryin for was with sumone n they dnt
even knw how lucky they r to have it.............

the quest is simple... for the perfect body lool...
areas to look at skin, size, bum, abs... the whole lot.. i
know i need a lot of money
omdz just remembered some boii tht i dnt knw offered me
money to sleep with them.... like wat the fuck... i
promised myself am goin to stay a virgin till i get
married n i dnt even knw if i want to now coz i see
marriages as summtingg holy n yes tings can go wrong but
nowadays ppls jus get married for the fun of it...
i iused to fink tht all tht unfaithful crap was done wen
ur single or sumting n surely not in marriages how can u
cheat on ur wife wenu promised in front of god not to???
or wen she is pregnant wit ur own fuckin son/......

well i have come close to avin sex.. n too close
recently... but i always manage to stop maself.. if its nt
gid then i dnt knw... anyways keep u updated..

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