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2010-02-20 01:57:18 (UTC)

life changing choices

A few months ago when I moved to here, I thought it was best
thing I could have done in my life. I thought I might be able
to do something in my life. Now in my first year here I'm
think it may have been the wrong thing to do. I don't feel my
role on the football if very great. Football is the reason I
moved here. I don't want to turn around and hand the ball of
for 40 plays a game, I want to be apart of the team, and do
something to help win. If I was still in Maine I would be the
man and I would run the ball 40 times a game. I don't know
what I want to do. 8 months ago I thought winning was more
important then being happy, I'm not to sure i feel the same
way as I do today. I'm not what or where I should be, I should
in Maine helping my real friends win, not these guys, I'm not
even sure these guys are really my friends. The girls here are
very good looking but for some reason I'm not have any
progress. Football is on my mind 24/7 and my teacher Mr.Gold
is really getting on me, people tell me hes doesn't like black
people but I don't know or really care. I just want to win and
be happy! I want to date Kristi I think. I'm just really
confused right now and have no idea what to do in life at the
moment. What should I do be happy or win, and not be the best
person on my team. Should I stay and not get the girl I want
or go maybe win be the man have the girl I really liked from
before I moved here and hang out with my childhood friends.
I'm not sure what i want to do, I want to be happy. I want to
win. Why I can't I have the best of both worlds.