The life of a scene kid
2010-02-20 00:10:24 (UTC)


Friday 20th 6:48 2010

Today from morning till 5pm i didn't eat. It was really bad since i felt very
sick and dizzy plus weak. I REALLY HATE wasting food because whenever
my mom makes something I end up throwing it away or throwing it back
up. I don't like throwing up its gross and takes a good 20 minutes to get
everything out. There were many temptations for me since it was pizza day
and there was lots of good food during lunch but i said no to everything.
Till now. I reached my sisters college and i ate 2 snack bars each 220
calories I feel really quilty now and want to throw it back up i might do that
later, Anyway today was hectic.
First off yesterday I had boot camp in volleyball and nearly died or atleast
seemed like i would. it was horibal and very painfull. I came to gym feeling
sore and found out that we had the 12 minutes run today which pissed me
off. Mr .Wayde was pissed off because we were leaving our trash behind on
the bleachers. SO NOW we have to eat outside till March 1st LIKE WHAT THE
FREAK?! So ridiculous and it was FREZZING outside today. Than during the
run if someone stopped he add another minute. So we ran for 14 minutes
non stop and literally collapsed on the floor UGH I hate Mr..Wayde hope
he's happy
-___- right now Im on a mac that my sister checked out at the library and
she's studying at the time :P she's going to make me do math which I really
dread doing -_- oh well. Any who moving on. Today we had a fire drill
which was unexpected but nothing was on fire, shockers. Today when I
went on gmail I found out that Alex is inviting me AGAIN to go back to
Facebook. Like really wtf? I thought we were over and never to speak to
each other again -.- ugh wtf.... Im so confused right now. Anyway ill be
joining Facebook again on my birthday ^.^ which is in April (17th). I think
ill most likely WONT add him as friend :P just to be a bitch x] cant wait. Also
when i DO join Facebook l'll be starting my Scene photo shoot which I cant
wait :D
I hope ill go through the night without eating much since there's just so
much food and I miss eating whatever I want but it will all pay off in the
end. Next week ill wont eat either. In science some guy from Power energy
came and talked about engeirnering I just fell asleep i was tired and hungry
but w/e we all got rulers and pens whoopeee! -__-
Still Im still wondering why the hell Alex wants ME to join FB -___- oh well
when i get my bikini body he'll wish he never broke up with me even
though Im happy about the fact that we broke up ;P I just want him to
regret so badly I really don't know why its just the way I am.

END : 7:05 PM