Mary Jane

The Yelllow Submarine
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2010-02-19 23:00:58 (UTC)

Love Sick

I feel sick because I want to be with Thomas all the time.
It is terrible to feel this way. Last night Thomas and I
went to grab some food and I ran into a girl that I know,
friend of a friend. She got married in August and she is
four months pregnant, already!! It made me sad that I was
not as happy as she was, since we got married close to the
same time. It also made me sad that I don't feel all lovey
dovey for my husband. I mean I know that her relationship
is not perfect, in fact I know for a fact that her husband
was cheating on her up until they got married, don't know
if he is still, but ya know.

Anyways I met Thomas for lunch today, and we just seem so
normal together.All I could think of this afternoon is how
I have to have sex with him, and soon. God its driving me
mad. I just want us to be able to be alone together for
like a whole weekend. I have never felt like I wanted to
sleep with someone so much!! God its driving me crazy

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