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2010-02-19 21:14:28 (UTC)

Always Me ,

well i really dont care anymore about what people have to
say because they cant control my life and tell me what to
do just because he doesnt want me to do one thing i guess
its my fault but i only had a littlt its not like im goin
out with him, honestly if i was to go out with him i would
stop but how do i know that he likes me ? How do i know im
going to quit for nothing only to find myself disappointed
again i mean its not really fair at all I didnt ask him to
stop nothing at all i dont want to seem controling at all
but look at him and his stupid friends they watch over me
like im his already i really cant say that i dont like him
anymore because i really want to try him but why is it so
hard ? skylar is such a bitch and i hate his guts i think
i made a bigg mistake telling all his friends that i like
him because its their buissnes but i dont think that im
his kind of girl and it just hurts me because i was
getting head over heels for him why is it always me that
gets the fuckk'd up relationships ?
im really tired of this and i want to cahnge everything .
why cant he just be understanding and just be staright
foward if he likes me or not i hate wasting time and
getting sprung over a person that doesnt feel the same way
the first time that i talked to him i felt somewhat happy
because he made me feel as if i was the only girl that
matterd and made me life all over again but then he doesnt
make the first move and its not fair because im the one
that likes him and since i like him first i have to make
the first move and get his attention but if he really
liked me he would do the same right ??
its really not fair bc i want him to try as hard as i try
but i guess that tells me one thing that maybe hes not
really interested in me . i want him to be the one
trying as hard as i am ,

the question is always why me ?

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