baby shaq

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2010-02-19 17:58:05 (UTC)

mike monkeys dont make good pets

Monkeys do not make good pets. They are very expensive not
only to get the permits she will probably have to get but
also to purchase and to take care of. It is sort of like
having a small child, but one that never grows up past the
toddler or grade school maturity, but can become very
strong and aggressive. There are many different kinds of
monkeys, and some make better pets than others but none
make good pets, and really need to have someone take care
of them all day or be caged up when the owner isn't home.
She should probably get a car and paint a monkey on it,
that way she can still claim she got a monkey, but a car
is much less work and expense.

NO! It is illegal in most countries, to have an ape as a
pet...although monkeys seem like they'd be brilliant pets
when they're babies, but remember they do grow up!! and
they're likely to get aggressive towards people, when they
mature. Also i can imagine they are very difficult to look
after, as they'd just destroy everything in your house
when you're out. They do not make good pets!!! IT'S

Monkeys take a ridiculous amount of work and often can
become agressive after reaching puberty. Imagine a baby
around 1 who instead of toddling on the floor can climb
all over everything, never outgrows diapers or tantrums,
and has sharp teeth that can bite you when they are upset

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