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2010-02-19 11:58:55 (UTC)

The days go on!

Well, here I am once again and I'm thinking about what I
am going to write this time! I have news, news and news,
some good news as well as bad news and that's fine! First
of all I'm feeling really chilled to the bone and I'm am
listening to country music on my pc and this helps, it
kind of makes me feel good inside!

Well, here I sit at my computer and I am also logged into
secondlife. I now have a job, my first job in secondlife
and I'm working as a police officer to protect one of the
simulations! I guess secondlife is becoming so like
reality now and I love this second existence! So, what's
been happening since I last wrote in my diary?

Well, I was accepted for one of these medical trials, an
asthma trial. I chose this as I've had asthma since the
age of three but I've been able to handle it quite well.
Anyway, I have to attend an overnight stay at a hospital
and I have to do this six times and then the trial will be
over. This is the good news as they compensate you for it.
I must admit I found my first overnight stay quite
disconcerting! I've never been in this environment but the
nurses were nice, they love to wake you up at seven in the
morning if not earlier! The food wasn't too bad either and
they provided Internet access. I have to test some new
drugs that may come on to the market for the treatment of
asthma, I'm the guinea pig I guess!

This morning I also called my teacher from my checkpoint
class and I told him I would no longer be taking the exam!
I took it the first time but sadly failed! Still, it's not
the end of the world! I was finding it hard to stay
motivated to take it the second time. Inside I feel that I
made the right decision as my mind was beginning to become
troubled by the whole thing but now I feel much happier.
Where I go next I don't know, I will just take things as
they come and give thanks to the Universe for all the
blessings in my life right now. That I suppose is the bad

Otherwise, I'm still waiting for the weather to improve so
that I can go cycling, I really miss this activity and it
gives me so much freedom. Well, I am plodding on as they
say and my life is perhaps mundane but I live my life as
best I can. Andrew