good girl gone bad :)

7 more years @hell high
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2010-02-19 07:45:59 (UTC)

the newbie of hell high

well a couple of weeks ago i stared at hell high as a yr 7
and since then my life has been HELL it stated going bad
when my boy friend started to ignore me even when i talked
2 him after a while he was talking to me again it had been
going on like this untill vallentines day when he brought
me some flowers and told me i wouldnt c him 4 a couple of
day because he was going on a rafting trip with his class
in his class were my 2 ex best friends lets call them grace
and letitia and they both liked him well any way wen he got
bak he asked me if what the girs said was true at that
stage i had no idea what he was going on about but i soon
found out that they had told him that i was using him to
get at them and that i hated him (well that was a load of
bull shit i actually really loved him even after how he
treated me b4 v day) it took me a couple of days to figure
out why he wasnt talking to me again but thats when some 1
told me letitia had asked him out and he said YES!!! (i was
sooooo pissed and heartbroken) i was also told that he
thought i knew so thats why he was avoiding me so i kissed
that hapily ever after good bye

the end

well if any 1 iz readin' this thanks

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