the good girl
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2010-02-19 06:20:41 (UTC)

hot tubbin

So Kyle came to pick me up and we drove to his house.
Normally we don't have youth group there. Change of plans i
guess. Anyway we ended up a little late so when we got in
we settled down on the love seat next to Steve. It was a
snug fit so Kyle put his arm over my shoulders. Jessica was
totally shooting me daggers with her eyes. Hater much. lol
I must have spaced out because Kyle got real close and
whispered "wake up space cadette" in my ear with the cutest
smirk. Jessica was definitely hatin then. Once Joe was done
talking we munched and took turns on the pool table. I am
so uncoordinated. Steve tried to give me some pointers but
I'm hopeless. :P Around 9pm everyone started making their
way home. Nicky and Jr were sent to bed earlier and Jessica
and Steve both needed rides home so Joe asked if i'd sit
with the kids while he and Lyn ran them home. Kyle had to
run to a friends to get something so I agreed. No biggie.
Well Kyle pulled in 5 minutes after they left with a
mischievous look in his eye. So did you bring that bikini?
He asked. Yeah, why? I responded. Let's get in the hot tub.
With that said he took off to change leaving me standing
alone in the darkened living room. Umm ok. I ran up to check
on the kids then grabbed a couple of towels and headed down
to the hot tub. Somehow he beat me there. Where's your suit
he inquired. i kicked off my uggs and stripped down right
there on the deck. You shoulda seen his eyes. haha He
musta thought i was naked. :P I had my bikini on
underneath. I hopped in and he took my hand and led me to
sit next to him. mmmm I said the water feels so nice on my
neck. It's sore? he asked. yeah a little. i replied. with
that he slid behind me and began rubbing my shoulders and
neck. i'll tell you a secret, Kyle says. I just drove
around the block and parked until i saw the rents leave. i
knew they'd have to ask you to stay for a while. (OMG)
"oh"... yep that was my response. just "oh". he just
laughed and situated me on his lap. I turned myself sideway
to look at him. " What about jessica? i asked. "We're over."
I just smiled and he wrapped his arms around me. Then he
started KISSING me! real slow,really nice. I should have
stopped everything right then but I just said what the heck.
I kissed him back. he rubbed his hands up and down my sides
and spine. mmmmmm Then I started nibbling his lower lip.
Then he moaned real deep in his chest. I could totally feel
his dick get all hard! I ran my fingers through his hair
pulling it lightly and he sucked in his breath and with that
he slid me into the seat next to him. He took a real deep
breath and gave me a sidelong look. "Damn". he said
smiling. "what???" i asked blushing. I brushed the hair
out of my eyes and smiled back at him. "We need to get
dressed" he announced. "So soon?" I asked. i was trying to
play it like i was joking but i was definitely not in a
rush. Yeah we should, the rents will be back soon and I
gotta get you home. So we got out and got dressed. I wish I
woulda brought some undies because my nips were so hard!!!
We settled down on opposite ends of the sofa and tried our
best to look innocentt. When Joe and Lyn got back we headed
out. We talked like nothing had happened. When we got to
my house I turned to get out and Kyle stopped me with a hand
on my shoulder. hey i just want to be clear about what
happened. I don't want anything serious. i just want to
keep things fun. ya know? Are you ok with that? i just
smiled and told him i agreed. i just don't know if i do or
not. He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and then my
mouth. Lingering for just a second. "I'll see ya friday
night" He said with a smile. i smiled back and got out. I
fished out my keys as i went up the walk. Looking once over
my shoulder to wave. He smiled and waved back. When I got
the door open he started the car up and drove away. I hung
up my coat and purse. After i showered i slipped on my
nightshirt and rinsed out my suit and got into bed. I got
myself off quickly thinking about his soft lips and the feel
of his dick. Then i fell asleep. I wonder what will happen
this weekend.

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