Dale Diamond
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2010-02-19 00:28:11 (UTC)

As i write my last enttre i had..

As i write my last enttre i' had an email off a client this
is his email!

"can you be ready for 12noon il send a car to get you! we
shall have food in city center with a bottle of wine! I've
booked a room at the local hotel so we head there for 2or3
hours! Can you bring your school boy uniform preferably a
white polo t-shirt,with tie, Grey shorts, long black socks
and your hair brush over to the side! As you can tell I'm in
the mood for a bit of role play i want you to play the
naughty school boy as i will be the teacher and discipline
you. I'd rather missed your face the normal rate with a bit
extra in. I've got you a present from my Holiday which i
think you will like it as you were wanting 1 last time i
seen you.
See you tomorrow... and have a shave plz! x"

See this is why i love my job i get to make people smile and
oh yer they treat me! ;P

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